Jelena Žanko is a Croatian-American born to two parents proudly hailing from the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Growing up on vibrant spoonfuls of her parent’s culture – delicasies like sarma, power ballads by her cousin Dražen Žanko, and shots of potent plum brandy called šljivovica –  her Croatian heritage always followed closely behind. Jelena rediscovered her love for her parent’s homeland whilst visiting in 2011, and now spends the best part of her year there enjoying her seaside home. She’s passionate about curating a fresh local perspective of predominantly coastal Croatia via her original photos and blog. From lush national parks and the tastiest eats to stunning beaches and medieval ruins, JZ thinks you’ll soon agree that Croatia really has it all.

Do you represent a brand interested in collaborating? Let’s talk. I’m interested in partnering on sponsored Instagram and blog posts, influencer trips, restaurant/hotel/tour reviews, targeted product reviews, and paid writing opportunities – as long as it makes good sense for my brand and following.

Send an email to: jelena@coastalcroatia.com