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5 Hacks to Beat Jet Lag in Croatia

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your dream destination, succumbing to a nap, and then finding yourself up half the night – and subsequently ruining your sightseeing plans the next day. I lived in Hong Kong for the better part of a year and made regular trips between HK and San Francisco, allowing me to experiment with various remedies to combat Asia’s special brand of extreme jet lag. Unfortunately the

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Let’s Go on a Fish Picnic

Have you spied the handmade posters promoting “fish picnic” excursions in coastal Croatian towns with a marina? Though the name always makes me laugh, this half-day excursion is seriously fun! We simply walked onto the boat the morning of our fish picnic this past June, but reservations are usually recommended during high-season. And by reservation, that simply means giving the captain a head’s up the day prior – most of these excursions cannot be

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