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Why Luxury Small Ship Cruises are the Big New Way to Explore Croatia

Many years ago, I visited seven islands in the southern Caribbean on a massive cruise ship with oh, just a few thousand of my fellow passengers. Most of our time was spent on the boat, we did little to impact the respective local economies, and I left with very few memories of actually experiencing the individual personalities of those beautiful islands. I decided I’d never set foot on a ship

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Adventures in Croatian Wine Tasting

Like any wine-producing region in the world, Croatia makes a lot of great wine – and also, some not-so-great wine. But everyone owns a unique taste profile, and I tend to gravitate toward dry and acidic white wines and medium-to-full bodied reds that are easy on the tannins. Thanks to wine importers like Blue Danube Wine bringing Croatian wines to the U.S., I’ve had the opportunity to become acquainted with wine producers such

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