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Why Luxury Small Ship Cruises are the Big New Way to Explore Croatia

Many years ago, I visited seven islands in the southern Caribbean on a massive cruise ship with oh, just a few thousand of my fellow passengers. Most of our time was spent on the boat, we did little to impact the respective local economies, and I left with very few memories of actually experiencing the individual personalities of those beautiful islands. I decided I’d never set foot on a ship

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Why You Should Walk Dubrovnik’s Ancient Walls

The old city of Dubrovnik – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – appears almost hand-painted, resembling the dreamiest of fairy tales and filled with bucket list must-sees. Of all the town’s jaw-dropping sites, the ancient city walls surrounded by terracotta rooftops and intensely-hued turquoise water rank as the #1 attraction (and deserve their very own blog post!). Though the fantasy series Game of Thrones propelled the medieval town and its

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