6 Hours in Zadar

 Zadar is the idyllic place for walking off a lunch of epic proportions – its romantic narrow streets beckon as they interrupt the smoothed-out main Roman street. Just like Split, Zadar is experiencing a boom as a bonafide tourist destination, especially after deservingly being named the European Best Destination 2016. You’ll find that restaurants and wine bars catering to foodies, au courant boutiques, designer gelato shops and fine leather shops are at home nestled amongst the equally busy retailers selling more traditional, domestic wares.

The juxtaposition between the old and the new is obvious but somehow, these flavors seamlessly commingle resulting in a cosmopolitan city that’s still entirely accessible. Zadar feels modern and warm and fresh, a sentiment which dramatically pops against the stunning backdrop of Roman, Baroque, and medieval fragments of architecture.

Your camera will keep quite busy in Zadar as I found it to easily be one of the most picturesque and impeccably-preserved ancient towns. With only a few hours remaining, we set out to see as many landmarks and attractions as possible: the enchanting city gate, the bustling square, the Church of St. Donat, the sea organ, and the sun salutation (also known as ‘The Greeting to the Sun’). You won’t soon forget hearing the sea play its haunting melodies set to the whispering waves whilst watching one of the world’s most lauded sunsets. Though I advise staying until the sky darkens to dusk, as that’s when you’ll best capture the glowing sun salutation located adjacent to the sea organ. And for my most significant pro tip: please make sure to dedicate a few days to this endlessly charming town!